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Several coaching companies allow webmasters to join their coaching affiliate program. Being affiliates for coaching services means you need to do your home works. You owe it to the clients who, after visiting your websites, then hire the coaching program you promote.

If you are not interested in getting a coach yourself before joining the coaching affiliate program, at least research about the coach(es) you are promoting. Which information do they provide, for free, to potential clients? How qualified are they? Are they specialized in specific coaching fields – business coaching, life coaching, etc. – or can they cover several aspects?

Coaching affiliate program
Choosing among the several coaching affiliate programs is not easy. So, instead of suggesting a specific company or coach, we invite you to research. Remember: if a coach looks reliable to you, it is likely your audience will have a similar perception. If, for any reason, there is no chemistry between you and the coach you want to promote, maybe it is better to look elsewhere. You want to recommend only what/who you trust. You owe that to your audience.