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A “Dealing with Difficult People” training will be offered in Vancouver on January 31, 2012, from 9a.m. to 4.30p.m.

Difficult individuals can take our time, energy and sleep and can leave us anxious and distracted. In this engaging and empowering skill-building workshop, psychotherapist Catherine Comuzzi and mediator Gordon White have combined their decades of experience working with challenging individuals and issues. They facilitate an informative, engaging, and fun 1-day workshop that will teach you how to be more powerful, relaxed, influential, and generally effective when you are interacting with difficult people, or when you have responsibility for managing difficult people problems.

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Introduction to Holistic Coaching & Psychosynthesis will be offered on Friday, February 3, 2012, 9:00 AM in Vancouver, Canada. Coaching is about facilitating others to become more integrated as they actualize their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Without an integrated understanding and approach to our work as coaches, we may be supporting a split or schism in our clients, rather than an integration and strengthening of their efforts.

As coaches, working in a way that promotes healing, integration and freedom requires a habit of self-reflection about our practices. How do we work so that we aim for a balance, a harmony and build a real foundation in our clients for the changes they are seeking. It is important to have an integrated perspective in understanding and working with clients. This short course introduces the fundamentals of working with people using a holistic point of view which includes body, mind, and spirit. Space is limited and early registration online is recommended.

With Holistic Coaching & Psychosynthesis Training, you will learn:

how to consider the dimensions of body, mind and spirit in our clients
how to view a client’s attached roles, identifications, habits, patterns as roadblocks to change
how to loosen the rigidity of a client’s patterns
the different dimensions of the will
how to understand the difference between using will power vs an integrated will
how to expand a client’s awareness and to develop more stamina, steadfastness, etc. for the change process
how to cultivate practices and homework exercises which support the capacity for changing between coaching sessions
how to keep awareness and the excitement of changing alive
how to build the strength, the energy and capacity of the will to propel the movement of change

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The Coaching Training Program will be offered in Vancouver by The Certified Coaches Federation on February 4-5, 2012 Saturday and Sunday 9-4:30pm (two days).

This 2 day intensive course will get you started in life coaching. What you bring is your professional background and skills, as well as the wisdom from your life experience with change plus your desire to truly help people. We add the structures and protocols that you need to guide you through the coaching process.

Life coaching helps individuals realize their goals by introducing new perspectives. Coaches offer tools to identify and eliminate those limiting beliefs that sabotage growth and success. Great coaches can work with people different from themselves as well as people like themselves. Most importantly they are skilled and able to customize their strategies to suit the needs of each client. Great coaches get results.

In just two days with me you will develop and expand your horizons so that you can begin to identify yourself clearly as a life coach. You will develop an increased appreciation of how beliefs and attitudes effect one’s capacity for change. More importantly in this course you will learn what practical structures and attitudes support effective life coaching.

Your investment includes:
– Assessment Based Certification as a Life Coach Practitioner;
– One-on-one follow-up coaching session with a Certified Master Coach;
– 12 month subscription to CCF Coaching Strategies Newsletter;
– 12 month registration in our Continuing Education program;
– Additional recorded lessons on coaching strategies & marketing strategies for one full year;
– Official CCF Certificate

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The Certified Coach Practitioner Course is offered by the Certified Coaches Federation. This is July/August/September 2011 schedule. Please visit
http://www.certifiedcoachesfederation.com/schedule.html for more information and registrations.

The Certified Coach Practitioner Course is a 2-day intensive training incorporating coaching skills and strategies, which includes free access for 12 months to the Certified Coaches Federation Continuing Education program.

Certified Life Coach Training – July 2011

Overland Park, KS: 16-17
Charlotte, NC: 16-17
Austin, TX: 23-24
Atlanta, GA: 30-31
Los Angeles, CA: 30-31
Oklahoma City, OK: 30-31

Toronto, ON: 23-24
Cambridge, ON: 23-24
Edmonton, ON: 23-24

Certified Life Coach Training – August 2011

Madison, WI: 6-7
Colorado Springs, CO: 6-7
Des Moines, IA: 20-21
Jacksonville, FL: 27-28

Ottawa, ON: 20-21

Certified Life Coach Training – September 2011

Los Angeles, CA: 17-18
Washington, DC: 24-25
New York City, NY: 24-25
Miami, FL: 24-25

Toronto, ON: 17-18
Montreal, QC: 17-18
Saskatoon, SK: 24-25