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These are some Carl Rogers’ audio and video, more are available on http://www.carlrogers.info


New World / New Person Pt. 1 Carl Rogers [44 min.]. 2/22/81 – A world in turmoil and travail – chaos, terrorism and confusion. Carl’s predictions on how persons will be able to live in an uncertain future.

New World / New Person Pt. 2 Carl Rogers [25 min.]. 2/22/81 – Q & A

To Be the Self That Truly Is
Carl Rogers [55 min.]. 1957 – Citing Soren Kirkegaard Carl discusses psychology and a meaningful life

AHP, Do We Need “A Reality” Pt.1
Carl Rogers [35 min.]. 1974 – Social constructivist theory as a promising resource for learning and growth
AHP, Do We Need “A Reality” Pt.2 Q&A Carl Rogers [35 min.]. 1974

AHP Keynote Address
Carl Rogers [37 min.]. 1983 – Although it has had major impact on culture Humanistic Psychology has had too little impact on mainstream psychology