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This is a guest-post that Margaret Nichols kindly shared with us.

I am a trainer with the Oneness Movement in the States and internationally, whose goal is “to set humanity free.” As far as mission statements go, that may seem like a tall order, but what Oneness teaches goes along with the AMARE authentic happiness formula, and it is an easy, ongoing daily practice, drawn from ancient traditions.

The key is to be authentic to the experience in front of you as it is happening. So many of us, particularly those on a path toward mindfulness gloss over the importance of the real feelings that may come up, wanting instead to opt for a rosier picture or reach toward feelings of being more comfortable in the moment. Some of us may be so closed off that any genuine emotion doesn’t even have an opportunity to come through.

Until we can find a place of allowing every experience to be what it is and be comfortable in every situation, the ongoing practice is to really just BE where we are. It is only through this authenticity that a genuine compassion develops and naturally arises within.

This doesn’t mean that every time we are angry we lash out. Of course we must be respectful of those around us, but if we can take responsibility for that anger and watch it until it dissolves, or if it doesn’t dissolve, at least be aware of it and know that it only comes from our own perception of any given situation, the anger will lessen and lessen until one day it has no hold over us. This runs true for the entire gamut of emotions: pain, loss, resentment, fear, judgment, blame.

We don’t have a choice what happens to us in this life, we only have control over the way in which we react to our circumstances. This is the attention needed and the action to take when a charge arises. The more and more we choose to do this for ourselves, energy is taken away from the negative emotions and instead fuels us to organically take action in other positive areas of our life. Our inherent nature is happiness, and thus far so much conditioning has slowly veiled the human condition that our efforts must be to unearth that which is most lovely within us.

“The assertion of separateness has destroyed our capacity to work together. It is becoming more and more essential, if we are to survive, that there be a spirit of cooperation with the universe. And one cannot possibly cooperate with another, unless one is harmonious in himself/herself, not broken up or in conflict. As long as the mind dominates all our actions, there can be no cooperation.” – Sri AmmaBhagavan

We must begin with ourselves first. Then peace and happiness naturally arise and spread to our family, our nation, and our world.

Margaret Nichols is a writer and internationally recognized leader in the Oneness Movement, teaching in New York as well as mentoring other trainers nationally. Her raw, comic blog, oneness. in the city. (http://magsnyc.blogspot.com) encompasses essays about navigating consciousness in an urban environment. Upcoming she is teaching alongside awakened teachers at the first ever East Coast Oneness intensive weekend, February 4th-6th. http://onenessawakeningeast.eventbrite.com/