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Tsadra Foundation’s Advanced Studies Scholarships provide Western Buddhists with an opportunity for in-depth study of Buddhist philosophical literature in the Tibetan language. The foundation offers three-year scholarships to Westerners who wish to study at Tibetan Buddhist institutes in India and Nepal.

While there are many institutes that admit Western students, Tsadra Foundation is aware that the following institutes will accept qualified Western men and women (lay or monastic) for the duration of the scholarship.
– Ka-Nying Shedra, Boudhanath, Nepal
– Karma Lekshe Ling, Swayambhunath, Nepal
– Rangjung Yeshe Institute M.A. program, Boudhanath, Nepal
– Shechen Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies, Boudhanath, Nepal
– Vajra Vidya Institute, Sarnath, India, and Namo Buddha,

Nepal Scholarships are not, however, limited to those institutes nor to any specific tradition. Please note that these scholarships are not available for translator or interpreter training programs.

Application deadline is September 1, 2010. More information on http://www.tsadra.org/#Studies_Scholarships_Description