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Buddhist Insights for a New World Economy”, the 3rd Conference of the Buddhist Economics Research Platform will be held on January 18-19, 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. It is a partnership of the Buddhist Economics Research Platform, and Griffith University’s School of Environment and Multi-faith Centre

The conference welcomes people from all perspectives and backgrounds and is intended to be a think-tank identifying practical knowledge and wisdom, with a focus upon Buddhism, for new economies where people matter (Schumacher, 1973). Interested participants should email an abstract of their planned presentation (about 250 words) accompanied by a biographical note (100 words) electronically by September 15, 2010 to Dr. Peter Daniels (p.daniels AT griffith.edu.au).

The Buddhist Economics Research Platform aims to connect people and institutes engaged in developing Buddhist economic theory and practice and to spread ideas and working models of Buddhist economics and management to private enterprise, and public and other organizations, communities, and the general public. The Platform is a continuation of the cooperative research and publications of many scholars from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America and follows the previous two conferences:

1. http://ethics.bkae.hu/html/buddhist_index.htm
Economics with a Buddhist Face. 1st conference of the Buddhist Economics Research Platform held August 23-24, 2007 in Budapest, Hungary.

2. http://buddhist-economics.info/index.html
Buddhist Economics: Theory and Practice. 2nd international conference held at Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand April 9-11, 2009.

A web page for the conference is under construction and will be available soon.

The economies of debt, greed and carbon‐based, high impact, fossil energy can no longer be sustained. While most people in the consumer market economy continue to subscribe to a theory of happiness based upon material accumulation and control, the credibility and viability of this theory have never seemed so tenuous. There is growing evidence that this path leads to neither healthy, sustainable world economies nor growth in individual and community well‐being. While recognition of the problematic nature of existing modes of production and consumption may be far from complete, it is growing, together with the search for alternative knowledge, visions and guides for human motives and behavior. In this conference, we consider how Buddhist and related world views can contribute to the envisioning and implementation of more sustainable economies that truly enhance well-being.

Indicative Topics for the Conference
• Buddhism and sustainability
• Business and organisational ethics for sustainable and healthy economic systems –
inspirations from Buddhism
• Measuring progress in a new world economy
• New financial models based on interdependence
• Ethical finance
• Alternative economic systems and institutions utilizing Buddhist perspectives
• Buddhism and sustainable consumption
• Other thematic ideas are welcome