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Prime Minister David Cameron says ‘happiness index’ could form basis of future policies for the country, reports Todayonline.com.

Are you happy with your personal income? Are you satisfied with your education? Do you trust politicians and your local council? These are some of the questions the British government wants answers to, in its quest to find out the state of the nation beyond just the economic data.

The Office for National Statistics published the list of 10 indicators of well-being on Monday, a year after the government announced plans to officially monitor the country’s happiness.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said his “happiness index” could help form the basis of his coalition government’s future policies. “We’ll continue to measure GDP as we’ve always done. But it is high time we admitted that, taken on its own, GDP is an incomplete way of measuring a country’s progress,” he said last year.

The list of national well-being indicators was drawn up following a five-month debate involving 34,000 people on the question “What matters to you?”

Top of the list of measures of the nation’s happiness will be individual happiness. Six other factors bearing on personal well-being – the state of relationships, health, education, occupation, income, neighbourhood – will be gauged. Governance, the economy and the environment will also be factored in.