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Brave New World (2011)
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio
Directed by: Ridley Scott

Brave New World is Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie which gives a lot of room to discuss Aldous Huxley’s work, and how happiness can be manipulated by political power.

Brave New World for Hollywood as Aldous Huxley feud ends
As reported by The Sunday Times, when Leonardo DiCaprio was a young boy, he used to play hide-and-seek in the overgrown gardens of a Hollywood Hills mansion owned by the family of the visionary British author Aldous Huxley.

Now, 30 years later, the star of Titanic and The Aviator is paying back the hospitality by putting his Hollywood muscle behind the first big-screen production of Brave New World, Huxley’s most enduring novel.

The Universal Studios movie, which Sir Ridley Scott wants to direct, has become possible only because years of wrangling over the terms of Huxley’s will have finally been settled, his granddaughter Tessa confirmed last week. “There is now nothing stopping this film,” she said.

America, which claims the Surrey-born author as one of its own, appears to be on the brink of a Huxley revival.

Until her own death at 96 last December, Huxley’s Italian-born widow Laura maintained the Mulholland home as an open house where she became friends with George DiCaprio, the actor’s artist father.

“Laura and I were friends, and Leo was friends with Laura’s ward Karen: they were toddlers playing together in these rambling old gardens with an empty fish pond and wild flowers everywhere,” DiCaprio, 64, recalled last week.

“Laura always wanted a film made of Brave New World, but the technology was not there to make it look convincing. It is a vast futuristic world to put on screen, packed with many ideas which made it tough for some studios to deal with. And there were also family issues,” he said.

These issues hinged on the terms of Huxley’s will. It left 80% of future royalties to Laura and 20% to his son Matthew by his first wife Maria, which on Matthew’s death passed to his two children Trevenen and Tessa.

They expressed what family friends call “disappointment” with this arrangement, and made it clear they enjoyed “termination” rights, which meant they could stop any film. Studios were not willing to risk that.

The Huxleys’ literary agent, Georges Borchardt, who also represents Ian McEwan and the Tennessee Williams estate, has negotiated a fresh, undisclosed royalty deal with the younger Huxleys, which has cleared the way for the movie.

Tessa Huxley, 54, said last week that she remembered playing as a small child with her grandfather in the house on Mulholland. She added: “I know my grandfather would be very pleased that his ideas were about to reach a new audience around the world.”

Brave New World 2011 trailer: Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio movie trailer

Brave New World: Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio video commentary

Ridley Scott, DiCaprio travel to “Brave New World”
As reported by Reuters, Ridley Scott is going back to the futurism. The “Blade Runner” director is joining forces with Leonardo DiCaprio to take on one of the most highly regarded dystopian works of literature, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

The studio has brought on “Apocalypto” scribe Farhad Safinia to write the script; he’s expected to be working shortly. Scott has mentioned casually in interviews that he’s interested in the 1931 novel, whose film rights are owned by DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company, prompting a flurry of rumors on sci-fi and other blogs over the past year.

Brave New World 2011: Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio pictures

Brave New World 2011: Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio pictures

Brave New World 2011: Ridley Scott and Leonardo DiCaprio pictures

Brave move for DiCaprio and Scott
BBC wrote that DiCaprio will produce and star in the adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1931 novel, a prophetic work set in a seemingly perfect 26th-Century world.

Sir Ridley, who worked with DiCaprio on Body of Lies last year, will direct the film, The Hollywood Reporter has said. His previous forays into science-fiction, 1979’s Alien and 1982’s Blade Runner, are considered classics of the genre.

Huxley’s ‘futurist’ novel, written in 1931 and published the following year, has been adapted for several televised movies but has yet to make it to the big screen. Set in a world divided into five castes, it tells of a psychologist from a lower caste who becomes infatuated with a woman from a higher order.