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Summer Courses 2012 at International Buddhist Academy – Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

In the Summer of 2012 we will offer three separate month-long courses in Buddhist meditation and philosophy, all of which are essential for deep and genuine Buddhist practice. The first and third months have a practical emphasis: dealing with the procedures of Buddhist practice, including teachings on mind training. The second month is more philosophically-oriented.

Uiting Method and Wisdom: June 4-29
Kamalaśīla’s Stages of Meditation (Bhāvanākrama) taught by Khenpo Jamyang Tenzin

This treatise was composed in Tibet by Kamalaśīla, the famous disciple of the celebrated abbot Śāntarakṣita. It is Kamalaśīla’s most widely renowned work, comprising three books, the objective of which is to teach the authentic procedure for progressing on the spiritual path. In this course we will study the first book, which is the most extensive of the three and is rarely taught.

To help students build up their personal meditation practice, Khenpo Jamyang Tenzin will supplement his explanations on the text with daily sessions of guided meditation. In this way, this will be a comprehensive course, covering both the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the Buddhist path.

Entering Reality: July 3-31
Candrakīrti’s Introduction to the Middle Way (Madhyamakāvātra) taught by Khenpo Ngawang Jorden

Candrakīrti was a Buddhist master famous for his exposition of the Madhyamaka (‘Middle Way’) philosophy, generally regarded in Tibet as the pinnacle of Buddhist thought. More than just an introduction to this philosophy, his Introduction to the Middle Way is an extensive and profound treatise studied by all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism up to the present day, aimed at revealing the view of ultimate reality.

The Alchemy of Suffering: August 6-31. Rabjampa Kunga Yeshe’s extensive treatise on Mind Training: A Stream of Nectar – Pith Instructions for the Cultivation of the Two Bodhicittas taught by Khenpo Ngawang Jorden
According to the Mahāyāna, it is said that the entire Buddhist path is contained in one thing only: the practice of bodhicitta, the mind of enlightenment. This text teaches methods of mind training for the cultivation of bodhicitta. These methods are easy to apply in everyday life and have the power to produce a profound inner transformation.

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