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AmAre is a way to tell a story, or present information, in a way which is accessible and relevant to listeners/readers. AmAre is also a strategical tool to use to analyze what matters in a specific field, context, to accomplish a goal, etc. Here, we also saw how to use AmAre, and the mathematical model behind it, for subjective assessment or objective calculation of a given situation, result, etc.

Considering how defined AmAre is, that offers the opportunity to leverage millenia of wisdom from both Eastern and Western holistic approaches to life, and centuries of scientific research. Considering how flexible AmAre is in terms of application, AmAre will become what you decide it to be. Thanks for reading and please share with us your applications of AmAre, if you want to widen awareness about it among our readers.

Please let us know what you think about this short series of posts about AmAre as a communicational tool, how you use it, etc. on https://amareway.org/contact-us/ Also, get in touch if you want us to consider creating additional awareness about your AmAre stories, articles, booklets, etc. through our website and newsletter. We are always happy to bring to our readers’ attention new points of views and knowledge.

Starting this weekend, we start a short series of daily posts to show you how to use AmAre as:
– an outreach tool, to connect with your audience, by writing a blog post, an article, a book, sharing your life-experiences, summarize research in the field of well-being, share inspiring examples and virtually any kind of knowledge
– as a strategical tool to achieve your goals and facilitate other people in reaching their goals
– as an assement tool to quantify the results of your actions

In Italian, AmAre means “to love”; in English, interconnectedness: (I)Am (we) are. AmAre, as an acronym, provides you a strategical approach to living happily being what you want to be, and accomplish your goals. AmArestands for being:
* A – Aware and Accepting
* M – Meaningful and Motivated
* A – Active and Attentive
* R – Resilient and Respectful
* E – Eating properly and Exercising