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Vancouver yoga teacher training: training as yoga teacher is a smart choice, both in terms of personal growth and finding a career which makes also other people better-off. Training as a yoga teacher is an even better choice, thanks to the reliability and passion of local instructors, which include:

Prana Yoga and Zen Centre Vancouver
Prana Yoga Centre offers Canada’s only fully accredited yoga teacher training 500hr and 200hr programs
Vancouver, Canada

MokSana Yoga Victoria
250 hr teacher training
Victoria BC

3HO Kundalini Yoga Vancouver
7 month Teacher Training
Vancouver, BC Canada

Vancouver yoga studios: we offer a list of yoga studios located in Vancouver. For each Yoga studio, we provide location within Vancouver, a website and phone number of the yoga school:
www.bikramyogavancouver.com – (604) 662-7722
(Bikram’s Yoga College Of India)

www.semperviva.com – (604) 739-2009
(Semperviva Sun Yoga Studio Vancouver)

www.yyoga.ca – (604) 684-3334
(YYoga Vancouver)

www.exhalestudio.com – (604) 689-2446
(Exhale Yoga Pilates Vancouver)

Vancouver yoga classes: several yoga classes are available in Vancouver, to fit everyone’s goals and schedule. Here, we offer a list of yoga classes in Vancouver, with website and phone number of the yoga school:

Bikram’s Yoga College Of India
www.bikramyogavancouver.com – (604) 662-7722

Exhale Yoga Pilates Vancouver
www.exhalestudio.com – (604) 689-2446

Open Door Yoga Vancouver
opendooryoga.bc.ca – (778) 371-8179

Radha Yoga Vancouver
www.radhavancouver.org – (604) 605-0011

Semperviva Sun Yoga Studio Vancouver
www.semperviva.com – (604) 739-2009

Yaletown YYoga Vancouver
www.yyoga.ca – (604) 684-3334

West End Community Centre Vancouver
www.westendcc.ca – (604) 257-8333

Vancouver yoga: considering on the number of yoga classes and yoga studios based in Vancouver, Vancouver and yoga seem almost synonymous. This is a selection of studios offering yoga classes in Vancouver:

Open Door Yoga Vancouver
Open Door Yoga was started in Jan. 1999 as a drop-in yoga class. In Sept. of 1999, the school changed to offering a variety of passes to accommodate the growing student population. Classes were hatha style classes, linking asanas in a flow-like sequence with emphasis on breathing and alignment.

Open Door Yoga remains a predominantly hatha yoga studio, power, restorative, prenatal, parent & baby and kids yoga are part of the schedule as are many yoga and other workshops. Currently, Open Door Yoga has expanded to 4 locations: Main Street @ 15th, Main Street @ 14th, Commercial Drive and Arbutus @ 16th

Semperviva Vancouver yoga
Semperviva believes yoga and its experiences are for Every Body! That’s why we offer a life transforming yoga experience unparalleled by any other. With five unique yoga experience studio locations, and one retail location, ‘The Lifestyle Store’, there’s enough flexibility to meet everyones’ needs. Our offerings include six forms of yoga teachings: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Power, Prenatal and Yin Yoga. Our expertise is founded on the excellence of over 40 exceptional leaders, who will guide you through each yoga session, improving and building on your internal strengths. Over 145 yoga classes each week really does offer something for Every Body!

Our Lifestyle Store compliments our workouts with additional feedback, nutritional elements and overall health practices to help you reach your ideal goals. Our specialist team can work with you to ensure you achieve the balance you are looking for.

If your ambitions reach further than simple exercise in Vancouver, we offer a number of global yoga retreats throughout the year, in both local and exotic locales. Or more so, if you wish to guide others through your own personal yoga experience and help others reach the satisfaction you’ve been able to obtain, we offer internationally recognized yoga teacher training programs in Vancouver and Greece and weekly workshops. We are here for your entire yoga experience.

YYoga Vancouver
YYoga Vancouver is a group of individuals passionate about yoga, health and wellness. With community at the center of all we do, we make yoga fun and accessible to everyone and every body. We live each day with passion and purpose, doing what we love and endeavor to inspire others to do the same.