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Banyen book will kindly host our event “How to live a happier life: Ten Proven Approaches to improve well-being” on May 5 2011 at 6:30-8:00 pm.

From the official description: Frank Ra will talk about how to improve well-being, meaning, empathy and cultivate happiness. After an overview of research in the field of subjective well-being, he will outline a process of facilitating your happiness through AmAre (Awareness and acceptance; Meaning and motivation; Action and attentiveness; Resiliency and respect; Eating properly and exercising), including practical applications.

This is a map showing Banyen’s location (Banyen Books, 3608 West 4th Ave.):

More information and updates can be found on Banyen books events page: http://www.banyen.com/events/20110505ra.htm