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Subjective well-being day: 8th of August 2010. Celebrate with us the Subjective well-being day on 8th of August 2010. This is a day when we invite you to share findings and personal experiences about subjective well-being. That is not only a happiness day, it is also a day to focus on outreach, to bring to the attention of the general public the giant progress made by science in the field of subjective well-being, to get feedback, etc.

Subjective well-being research is a major facilitator to authentic happiness, let’s commit one day to celebrate the cultivation of subjective well-being, and then keep living joyfully until the next August, 8th. If you have posts, articles, etc. that you want to share about Subjective well-being, please send them to us, we’ll be happy to consider them for publication. Thanks!