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Are the nuclear radiation from Japan affecting the West Coast, including Vancouver and British Columbia? If so, how much? If so, what to do about nuclear radiation from Japan? Especially if you, like us, live in Vancouver, or anywhere else on the West Coast of North America, you are likely asking these questions.

First things first: https://amareway.org/ team does not have experts in implications of nuclear events. Before you consider to implement anything that is mentioned there, you need to speak with your doctor; our bodies may react differently to the same food, supplements, etc. so you need to know what is suitable for you, what is beneficial, and what is not. If you want to share the information provided here, you are welcome to do so; however, please make sure to keep all the health disclaimers.

The area which is dangerously affected by nuclear radiation from Japan is Fukushima Daiichi Power Station itself. Our respect and love go to people who are still struggling to survive, to the victims, their friends, to the workers who are trying to contain the damages to people and the environment. The risk decreases drastically the more one moves away from there. If you are in Japan, you should follow the instructions provided by officials there. If you are outside Japan, the risk should be very low, if there is any risk at all. Still, our personal choice is not to take a chance and take the food and supplements which further reduce the risk of assimilating dangerous elements.

Most of the food and supplements list below work in a simple way: by ensuring our bodies get all the elements they need from sources which are not contaminated, the chances of assimilating minerals etc. which are contaminated are lowered. This approach may be beneficial for people living far from the centre of nuclear radiation; taking these steps does not mean one should expose him or herself to unnecessary risks, because these steps are by no mean a way to keep radiations out.

Food and supplements we are taking:
– potassium iodine
– potassium supplements
– lugol/iodoral
– metal magnet
– spirulina
– chlorella
– miso soup (fermented soy)

Please note: if, after speaking with your doctor, you decide to take any of these supplements, make sure to get them from a licensed source. If your local pharmacy is temporarily out of them, in our opinion you take more risks by buying it from anonymous Craigslist or eBay sellers, than by not using it. Craigslist, eBay, etc. are wonderful sites to by other goods, but when you buy something for your health, make sure to relay on accountable sellers.