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An apple a day…
An apple a day keeps the belly fat away.Red, green, tart, sweet, juicy, delicious, full of fiber, vitamins and minerals; apples are on my daily snack list. They also contain pectin, which is thought to restrict cells from absorbing fat. Pectin also encourages water absorption from food, which helps break up fat deposits. Try yours sliced with almond butter, or a piece of cheddar or brie cheese.

Super Energy Elixir
Start your morning with this incredible Energy Elixir. You can feel the nutrition throughout your body.

In your blender or Vitamix, add:
4 cups of organic, tightly packed spinach
2 bananas
3 dates
1 tsp of spirulina powder
3 cups of water

Blend and drink throughout the day for maximum energy!

Guest post courtesy of Karlene Karst, RD, leading expert in nutrition and natural medicine. She is the coauthor of the national bestseller Healthy Fats for Life and author of The Metabolic Syndrome Program and her newly released Belly Fat Breakthrough. These are all part of Karlene’s efforts to encourage people to get “back to the basics” of nutrition. Karlene holds a BS in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and is a registered dietitian. Karlene is a highly sought-after, enthusiastic, and passionate individual who is a frequent guest speaker at educational events, radio and tv shows around North America. Karlene is a mom to two young boys, Luca and Matteo and resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada. Her website is: www.karlenekarst.com.