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AmAre as a strategical tool

December 20, 2010

We can see virtually everything as an opportunity: to make a shift, to improve, etc. In some situations, especially when what we perceived as already established is threatened, often we see challenges ahead of us, instead of opportunities. In both cases, AmAre can be used as a strategical tool to summarize what needs to be considered, in terms of Awareness and Acceptiance, Meaning and Motivation, Action and Attention, Resiliency and Respect, Eating properly and Exercising.

This is a short example of how to highlights key-elements in a relationship, using AmAre:
A: Aware of each other and couple’s feelings, thoughts, needs and wants, and Accept them.
M: Meaningful, by doing what counts in a Motivated way.
A:Active together, do things together in an Attentive way, so feedback from partner and the context is valued.
R: Resilient when things do not go as one wished, being at the same time Respectful of each other and couple’s feelings, thoughts, needs and wants.
E: Eating properly and support each other healthy lifestyle, and also feed the relationship with positive feelings and thoughts. And Exercising.
(…): if there are additional aspects considered too important to be included in the rest of the formula, they can be weighted and graded here

This is a longer example of using AmAre to give strategical facilitation to well-being and to the choice of giving happily:
Being Aware: aware of context, aware of feelings, intentions. Aware of how we see things, our strengths, values and biases. Aware that, happiness and meaning are not only an end result which shines from far in the future; it is also within us, here and now, and it is about the way we live. Happiness is the way. Through our awareness and actions, we gain the courage to change the things we can change, the serenity to accept the things we can’t change. And the wisdom to know the difference.
Being Accepting: of things we cannot change, which are inevitable. Of how other people are, and especially how we perceive them.
Being Meaningful, by doing what matters, when it matters.
Being Motivated means we cultivate our motivation on a daily basis. Some motivations may be common to all, like to live peacefully and be kind to others. Some are more peculiar. When we pursue a specific goal in our daily life, being motivated means to know what we want to do, by leveraging our strengths and grow the energies necessary to move into Being Active.
Being Active is important, because actions bring tangible results. We also need to be Attentive, so we can be receptive of the feedback and reactions to what we do in any given context, and adapt. Being active and being attentive are a self-reinforcing loop which brings happiness and other positive results to us and to the people, beings and environment we listen to.
We also need to be Resilient. Life is not always a big smiling adventure, sometimes external situations can be tough, so it is important for us to bounce back on our feet. Sometimes, there are factors which do not facilitate our peaceful living, so we need to be persistent.
Being Respectful is important, because resilience is about persistence and not growing a hard-skin. Respectful of us, other people (who are, too, trying to be happy, and likely also trying to live peacefully, sometimes in ways which look different from ours), beings and environment.
Eating properly, in terms of quality, quantity and company, is important. For us, and for the impact it has on the environment.
Exercising is also important, both for our body and mind.