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Dr. David Brazier is a British author and psychotherapist known for his writings on Zen Buddhism and psychotherapy. He is the leader of the Amida Trust. His books include:

– Beyond Carl Rogers: Towards a Psychotherapy for the 21st Century. (1993) ISBN 0094726108
– A Guide to Psychodrama. (out of print)
– Zen Therapy: Transcending the Sorrows of the Human Mind (1995) ISBN 047119283X
– The Feeling Buddha: A Buddhist Psychology of Character, Adversity and Passion (2002) ISBN 031229509X
– The New Buddhism (2002) ISBN 0312295189
– “Who Loves Dies Well” (2007) O Books ISBN 1846940451 ISBN 978-1846940453

More information can be found on his blog: http://amidatrust.typepad.com/dharmavidya/