Zoroaster – Yasna 44:
This I ask Thee, tell me straight, Lord:
how can the best existence’s beginning
be furthered by the person of good will who is to take those things forward?
For it is such a man, liberal with Right, observing the outcome for all,
who by his intent is a healer of existence, an ally, Mindful One.

“Being the creation of Ahura Mazda, every man has the duty not only to cheerish the six lessers creations, but also to wath over his

own physical and moral well-being, and to care for his fellow-men, since each of them is likewise the special creature of God. The

particular ethical code which Zoroaster gave his followers to live by demanded of them good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Source: Zoroastrians, by Mary Boyce

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