UBC Robson Square offers, this spring, interesting courses about well-being and awareness, cinluding one about The Power of Emotional Intelligence. Your emotions provide you with important information about the worl. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to access and use that information to increase your effectiveness and success in the workplace and at home..

Build your understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the key skills that demonstrate it; develop “emotional literacy” to manage your emotions; use information from your emotions to make smart decisions and enhance motivation; and increase your communication and interpersonal skills by learning to monitor and respond effectively to the emotions of others.

Session Details: LC104W11A
Schedule: Every day, starting on 03/27/11 and ending on 03/27/11
Course Days: Sunday
Times: 09:30am – 04:30pm
Price: $175.00
Taxes: HST will be added at a rate of 12.00%

Facility Details
Name: Life & Career Centre, Room 1.455
Address: 800 Robson St
Vancouver BC V6Z 3B7

This course complements the Emotional Intelligence Assessment. What are the factors at work when people of high IQ flounder and those of modest IQ do surprisingly well? These factors, which include self-awareness, self-discipline and empathy, add up to a different way of being smart. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to create positive outcomes in your relationships with others and with yourself. While childhood is a critical time for its development, EQ is not fixed at birth. It can be nurtured and strengthened throughout adulthood with immediate benefits to your health, your relationships and your work.

The assessment report provides you with information on your EQ – where you function effectively, where you have enhanced skills and where you need improvement. The BarOn EQ-i provides simple strategies for growth in areas that need improvement.

NOTE: Clients complete the EQ inventory online (approx 45 minutes) and then meet privately, approx. ten days later, for a follow-up session with a professional counsellor to discuss results.

Session Details: LC301F10A
Schedule: Every day, starting on 09/01/10 and ending on 12/31/10
Course Days: By Appointment Only
Times: 08:00am – 09:00pm
Price: $195.00
Taxes: HST will be added at a rate of 12.00%

Facility Details
Name: Life & Career Centre
Address: 800 Robson St
Vancouver BC V6Z 3B7

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