The evolution of happiness

December 14, 2011

The evolution of happiness, panelists:
– Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Primatologist, Environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace, The Jane Goodall Institute
– Matthieu Ricard, Inspiring monk, acclaimed photogpraher; Co-ordinator, Karuna-Shechen Humanitarian Projects Nepal
– Dr Ben Oldroyd, Professor of Behavioural Genetics, University of Sydney
– Prof Paul Griffiths, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney
– Scott Stephens, Online Editor, Religion & Ethics, ABC

Topics: the evolution of happiness
– What can nature tell us about the human condition?
– Is there an evolutionary basis for happiness?
– Are we hard wired to be dissatisfied?
– What prevails in nature – the “selfish gene” or the “altruistic gene”?
– What drives people to be brave and good?

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