A Survey of Social Enterprises in Alberta and British Columbia

By Peter R. Elson, Mount Royal University and Peter V. Hall, Simon Fraser University

“This survey represents the first profile of social enterprises in BC and Alberta. Social enterprises work in communities to achieve training, income, social, cultural, and environmental missions. …

In 2009, the 140 social enterprises which responded to the survey generated at least $113 million in revenues, including at least $78 million in sales. They paid $63 million in wages and salaries to almost 4,500 people, of whom 2,700 were employed as part of the mission of the organization. They also trained 11,670 people, provided services to over 678,000, and involved 6,780 volunteers. …”

Summary findings included the following:
• “There are 295 confirmed social enterprises, 231 in BC and 64 in Alberta. We surveyed 140 of these social enterprises, 35 in Alberta and 105 in BC. Responding social enterprises in Alberta are generally older (average 24 years) and larger than those in BC (average 15 years). This reflects the emergence of and institutional support for, a new generation of social enterprises in BC.”

• “In addition, social enterprises provided training to 11,670 people (10,450 in BC, 1,220 in Alberta) and provided services to over 678,000 people.”

• “Total revenue for responding social enterprises in 2009 was at least $113 million ($46m in BC and $67m in Alberta). This includes sales of $78 million ($29m in BC and $49m in Alberta).”

• “Sales account for an average of 63.6% of total revenue per social enterprise.”

More information available on http://www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca/sites/www.enterprisingnonprofits.ca/files/uploads/line_results_from_Project_C16_revised30Nov10.pdf

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