Resolutions for new year according to our media review.

Resolutions for new year: 24 day challenge
The suggests readers to join their 24 day challenge. The 24-day-challenge includes a combination of healthy eating, meal replacements/supplements, a fitness “boot camp” and one-on-one personalized counseling to assure your success.

Obesity is one of the biggest health issues in America. They want to help their readers get fit and feel great. These are some of the success stories they quote:

1. Stay at home mom: Extreme success: Desiree’s mom Danielle Boyle, (age 48, widowed, 6 kids, one grandchild) lost 20 pounds on the 24 day challenge, and now, almost three months later, has lost a total of 65 pounds! Desiree is my friend who will be running the 24-day challenge boot camp, she is 27 and has also done the challenge.

2. College Student: Me, age 23: Before the challenge, I was always tired and lacked energy needed for my busy lifestyle as a full time pre-med student and working two jobs to pay rent. During the challenge, I lost about 2 inches from my tummy, gained noticeable oblique muscles, and a toned physique. Now I have loads of energy, a lean, toned body, and enough energy to work out 6 times a week and train for a marathon!

3. Personal Trainer: Desiree – age 27: Before the challenge she was a personal trainer working out regularly, but had hit a plateau in her workout regime. After the challenge she too had lost inches and gained a toned physique, she saw lines she’d never seen before. She broke through her fitness plateau that had her flat-lined for months!

4. Military enlistee: Dory Armstrong: My friend, Navy, age 19, before the 24-day challenge he was very skinny and had always had trouble putting on muscle. He wanted to gain manly muscle. During the challenge he gained 10 pounds of muscle!

Resolutions for new year: How Making a Plan Can Help You Meet New Year’s Goals reports that committing to a specific plan for when and where you are going to accomplish each goal will make you more likely to succeed, says a Wake Forest University psychology professor.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Assistant Professor E.J. Masicampo found that committing to a specific plan to accomplish a goal not only makes it more likely to be done, but also gets it off your mind so you can think about other things.

“Once a plan is made, we can stop thinking about that one goal,” says Masicampo, who studies goal setting and will power. “This frees our minds to focus on other tasks or simply enjoy the current moment.”

But, not just any plan will work, he says. “The ones that work specify exactly what you are going to do, including when and where you are going to do it.”

He describes four essential elements of a successful plan:

1. Specifies exactly what you’re going to do and in what situation (where and when)
2. Is under your control and not dependent on someone else’s actions
3. Includes specific opportunities to meet the goal in situations likely to occur
4. Focuses on a goal you are motivated to accomplish

Most importantly, he says, “You have to picture yourself carrying out your plan. That’s where the power of the plans lie, in imagining yourself completing the tasks.”

Resolutions for new year: Losing Weight for a Healthy 2012 writes about losing Weight for a Healthy 2012. They provide some tips, including:

1. Wait until after New Year is over before you start your resolution. There’s nothing worse than trying to diet with plates of roast potatoes dripping with goose fat staring you in the face, or watching everyone else eat leftover Christmas pudding while you get nothing.

This sets you up for failure before you’ve even begun. Make sure all the temptations are gone before you embark on your new lifestyle.

2. Don’t be tempted to buy reduced price Christmas food in the January sales. If you don’t have it in the house, you can’t eat it. Cut out all potato chips, cookies and other non-essential food items you don’t need.

3. If you find this difficult, write a shopping list before you go out and stick to the items on the list only.

4. Leave your debit and credit cards at home and take only cash. That way you can only purchase items you need to get and can’t be persuaded to buy those extra purchases. It will slim down your bills as well as your waistline.

5. Instead of having a diet based on eliminating lots of foods, consider one that is high in protein. Protein fills you up for longer so you won’t feel the need to snack as often. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when patients increased their protein to 30 percent of their diet and carbohydrates amounted to 50 percent, they were less hungry and achieved more weight loss. Sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy milk, yoghurt, tofu, cheeses, kidney beans, lentils, nuts (including peanut butter), vegetables, grains, bread and pasta.

6. There are other diets that can help you lose weight. Some people have found success by adding more raw foods into their diet. One woman from the UK who used to be a UK size 28 dress managed to lose 160lbs and gain a boyfriend after switching to a raw food diet!

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