Thanks for making BioHarmonizing a best-selling book, for the third time!

Readers, who want to identify and implement meaningful New Year’s Resolutions, can now count on one powerful set of inspirations: the book ”BioHarmonizing: How To Flourish During Our Interesting Times”. It brings the wisdom of Neale Donald Walsch, as foreword. The presence of Eckhart Tolle, in the conclusion. In between eight chapters, written by Dharma instructor Frank Ra, make easier to let it go of conditioning, live life at one’s full potential, and be beyond narratives. The book is a companion on humanity’s journey, from perceived fragmentation through wholeness.

To readers asking for suggestion about their New Year’s Resolutions, Frank tells that “2014 is about living joyfully for the benefit of all beings. You can take one measurable resolution, which facilitates your own well-being in a tangible way. For example, meditating, eating healthy food, or exercising regularly. And you can add a resolution which matters to you, but goes well beyond yourself. You can volunteer in your local community, support mindful entertainment (like Milton’s Secret movie), help to keep your neighborhood safe and clean, etc.”.

He adds: “New Year’s Resolutions that you take for your own benefit should be clearly measurable, and have clear benefits and outcomes in mind. Resolutions you take for your community, and society as a whole, should be allocated measurable resources (example: two hours per week) and be mindful of the benefits they can bring to all beings. And they are also to be enjoyed in themselves, without expectations about how you will benefit personally. In both cases, make sure to share your resolutions with family and friend. You may find they want to join you on your joyful journey, plus committing publicly to a resolution makes more likely for you to deliver it”.

After this New Year’s Resolutions Video went viral, and “BioHarmonizing” became part of a special “Kindle Countdown” promotion, Frank’s book started to climb in sales rank and became, for the third time, an Amazon best-seller.

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