Mindsight Online Courses with Dr. Dan Siegel: How to Teach Interpersonal Neurobiology

The third level of the Mindsight Online Courses focuses on how to effectively communicate the core ideas and applications of mindsight and integration. You will learn key strategies for teaching IPNB in different settings, ranging from therapy suites to schools. The goal of the courses is to demonstrate how to use Mindsight skills and the domains of integration in working with children, adolescents, and adults in families, schools, communities, and organizations.

MOL 301 – Teaching and Learning from the Inside Out: Memory and Narrative as Relational and Embodied Experiences
We’ll dive deeply into the way a teacher can harness the power of memory by embracing the reality that we are a social and story-telling species. We learn best by engaging with others in emotionally captivating narratives.
Explore why story is so powerful in our lives
Understand how narratives effect memory
Identify the role of novelty in the encoding of stories and memory
Find out what emotion has to do with remembering
Learn how factual knowledge becomes “meaningful”
Explore what motivates optimal learning

More information on http://mindsightinstitute.com/

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