Mindsight Online Courses with Dr. Dan Siegel: Foundations of Mindsight

Course Curriculum

MOL 101 – IPNB from the Inside Out
An overview of interpersonal neurobiology (“IPNB”)
Explore in-depth this exciting new interdisciplinary field, reviewing the core aspects of the mind, the embodied brain, and our interpersonal relationships
Discuss the practical applications that emerge from the central concept of integration—the linkage of differentiated elements with one another
Examine a wide range of accessible domains of integration and learn to evaluate their degrees of integration, organize strategies for intervention, and then carry out specific changes in how we focus the mind and communicate within relationships to promote integration in the brain itself

MOL 102 – Brain Fitness: Mindsight Skill Training and the Brain
Learn how whole brain integration is essential for well-being
Participate in practical experiential exercises that can help cultivate neural integration with the focus of your attention
Take the fundamental “Wheel of Awareness” practice and dive deeply into its application and then explore the ways it can help promote the first of a series of domains, the integration of consciousness
Review neural correlates to these skill-based practices and the ways in which mindfulness, mentalization, theory of mind, mind-mindedness and metacognition contrast and compare to mindsight

MOL 103 – IPNB and Relationships: The Neurobiology of We
Learn how relationships influence the brain and the brain influences relationships
Review the highlights of both child and adult attachment research
Examine the nature of couples’ therapy and family functioning
Discover the importance of a “soul friend” and “feeling felt”
Examine the neural correlates of interpersonal attunement and resonance
Explore mirror neurons, the “resonance circuits,” affect regulation, neural systems theory, and social neuroscience as we apply modern conceptualizations to child development, education, psychotherapy, and relational well-being

MOL 104 – IPNB for Psychotherapists: The Mindful Therapist
Learn how mindsight can make you a more effective therapist
Examine an IPNB view of therapy, from the inside out
Explore through experiential exercises, how presence, attunement, and resonance form the beginning stages of what leads to trust, truth, and transformation (three among a dozen “TR” words we’ll be exploring)
Learn about the conceptual model, “the plane of possibility,” which combines modern thinking about quantum theory with practical applications to a range of psychotherapeutic situations
Further develop the essential elements that our very presence and empathic abilities are at the heart of effective therapy

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