Holidays are coming. A time of great joy and meaning. But also a time which comes with great expectations. How to beat the Holiday Blues and be joyful?

First: be present!
No matter how busy your holiday schedule is, right here and now chances are you can take a deep breath, and just relax! When the office party and family dinner come, you will then have all the energy and stillness to enjoy it as a joyful event for all!

Take things as they come
When you are in a social event celebrating the holidays, just take it as it comes. No big expectations attached. Let the event unfold effortlessy.

Have adeguate sleep, exercise, eat healthy
To have plenty of energy for the increased holiday activity, give yourself adeguate sleep. Exercise – that lifts your mood as well! Eat health, probably meaning no sweets and snacks at home.

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Be genuine and sustainable
Give what you can afford to give. And give it joyfully. People who really care about you are more interested in spending time with you, than in how much you spend for them with your shopping.

Do something really meaningful, for people you know well
Get in touch with someone you haven’t heard for a while, and who made a difference in your life. Express your gratitude, no string attached.

Do something really meaningful, for people you do not know yet
You can give to charity. Or even better, you can give some of your time. Serve food to people who cannot share holidays with their families. Spend one hour at your community center with seniors. “Strangers” are just people you do now know yet! Friendships are waiting to blossom.

Have alternatives
Book a vacation just after the holidays. That will give you an opportunity to fully recharge for the new year. Also, if some events are really draining on you, even after you just accepted them as they are, have alternatives. Go to the office party and enjoy it. Once the night becomes too long, excuse yourself and go to see a dear friend. If the family lunch is becoming an all-day brunch, and the topics are running dry, you can go and volunteer at a shelter etc. People will admire your actions, and will respect the fact that you have a schedule which include many people. As long as you really do what you said you will do after these events.

Watch a funny movie! A take a walk in the park. Get fresh air. Walk instead of using a car. Read an inspiring book. Join a meetup or support group. Take it easy! There is no way holidays are meant to be, other than the way you want them to be!

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