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Prof Tim Sharp believes that people’s eating issues are simply a symptom of their unhappiness and by using the techniques of positive psychology he can help anyone become happier. Tim believes he can help cure food and weight problems without focusing on food at all. And in this documentary he puts this science to the test in a ‘world first’ experiment. Will this new approach really make any difference to five people who have struggled with overeating, under eating, comfort eating and picky eating for decades?

The participants will work together at weekends over a two-month period. They’ll discover they have strengths, learn to face their fears, work out what they really want from life and discover a path to get there. What they won’t do is talk about food, count calories, or weigh themselves and this is what makes Prof Sharp’s approach revolutionary.

Tim says: “Most diets frame weight as a problem – the goal is to lose something rather than gain something. And that’s not motivating. How many of us have ever said I’ll be happy when … when I’ve lost weight, when I’ve won the lottery, when I’m better looking? And it’s distinctly unhelpful. Because we never get there. So what that means is it feeds a constant cycle of dissatisfaction and disappointment. That’s not motivating or energising. In fact it’s the opposite. So what I’ve done is developed this program which turns that on his head and says let get happy first.”

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