These are some events offered to ticket-holders of the BODY WORLDS & The Brain Vancouver at Science World Vancouver.

Friday, December 3
The Allure of the Hourglass Figure
Dr. Sheina Macadam discusses the evolutionary psychological theory that female beauty, as represented by the hourglass figure, taps into biological information about various factors regulating women’s reproductive potential, fertility and desirability. She’ll then discuss how women pursue this figure via surgical procedures such as augmentation of the buttocks and breasts, the history of such changes, and what happens when these surgeries go wrong.

Saturday, December 4
We Love Brains!
Dr. Julie Robillard and Kate Pettem love brains and want to share with you all the great things your brain can do. Through discussions, demonstrations, activities and hands-on experiments you will learn all about the different parts of the brain, how brain cells work, and how your brain can play tricks on you.

Friday, December 10
The World through the Eyes of an Infant
Current research indicates that babies are born with many of the cognitive abilities they will need to make sense of our world, and that infants are often aware of many things they can’t yet express. Parents and early childhood educators should attend this fascinating presentation by Dr. Andrew Baron from the UBC Department of Psychology and director of the Living Lab at Science World.

Saturday, December 11
Religious Views of the Human Body and Soul, In and After Death
Representatives from a variety of faiths discuss their tradition’s views regarding the human body, the relationship of the soul or life-force to the body and the body after death, including comments on: funeral practices; death, dying, the soul, and the public display of human bodies for educational purposes.

Saturday, December 11 and Sunday, December 12
BC Society of Alzheimer’s
Listen in on a presentation that will provide you with healthy brain tips to ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Join us in the Science Theatre for a talk, and then chat with members of the Alzheimer’s society in the Feature Gallery.

As mentioned on their site: To attend these events, please purchase a BODY WORLDS & The Brain ticket with a time that allows you to view the exhibit and attend the event. We recommend planning your visit to the exhibition to allow time to enjoy the event. For example, to partake in a 7pm evening event, purchase a BODY WORLDS entry time ticket between 4pm and 6pm. This will give you at least an hour to explore in the Body Worlds exhibition before attending the event. If you’re interested in partaking in a daytime event starting at 11am, purchase your BODY WORLDS ticket for an entry time following the event, such as 3pm, to allow ample time to participate and enjoy TELUS World of Science.

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