AmAre: in a nutshell

December 20, 2009

AmAre is an Italian verb which stands for “To Love”. It also summarizes what we need to be happy:

Aware (Being)
Active (Being)
Respectful (Being)
Eating (properly)

If we want to digg a bit more under the surface, it also shows we are united in an interconnected universe: there is no (I) Am without (We) are. This is an extremely simple concept to understand, but which has positive effects for a lifetime. If you want to walk this path toward holistic living, just add this blog to your favourites. If you just passed by, and you think you’ll not return, we hope at least you’ll bring with you these simple five steps to happiness, and we hope they will be as beneficial to you as they have been to us.

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  • Anrie says:

    Great acronym and use of the Italian verb. I will think some more about what I read here.
    I am practicing being ..awareness, acceptance and we.
    My focus this morning is becoming aware that attack begins within me. If I do not attack myself there is nowhere for attempts to land. There is no attack unless I attack myself.

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