You have a story to tell. The content of your story is very important, and so is the way you decide to share it. Keeping it simple and accessible is the first step in telling a good story, and inspiring people to make the shifts they want to make in their lives.
One way to deliver a story in an accessible way is to describe events, experiences, etc. in the AmAre order.

This is a very short example of using AmAre to tell a story, in this case to summarize how I started to live a happier life:

I became aware of my feelings, and learnt to accept them. I started to do what is meaningful for me, and this motivated me to be active with volunteering for other people and the environment. By being attentive about feedback, I improved my actions, being resilient in face of difficulties and respecting people’s feelings. By improving eating habits and with regular exercising, I boosted my immunitary system and this allowed me to keep serving other people even when the workload was high. I thank all the friends and people I met along the way, and the ones who still walk this path together, for what I learnt from them. Etc.

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