Thanks for everyone who is interested in walking together this path towards a more holistic life! To support our commitments, you are welcome to visit us daily. We’ll be postingĀ  inspirational pics, quotes, jokes, etc. everyday for at least 365 days. From time to time, also longer reflections about topics which are dear to us and can be useful along the way, like what makes the difference between short-time and lasting satisfaction, importance of role-models (and their limits), non duality, the nature of Being, happiness and pleasure, etc.

Stay tuned for more!

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  • Joe says:

    Neat blurb, I like that spin on it.

  • i says:

    i M[US]T say, this is great place! i will walk a path which bring me across the garden of happiness as often as the sun rises and sets, even though the Sun never really does one or the other; this is the happiness, i have danced with(in). No MT feelings hear or here, within US! Thank you… and i.

  • Mike says:

    After skimming through your website I immediately bookmarked it. Keep up the good work!

  • Famous Inspirational Quotes says:

    Hey, I’m glad I added your blog to my favorites, otherwise I would have missed this post! Thanks for this.

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