The VIA Institute on Character is starting a new speaker series geared toward practitioners. Thanks to Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec for bringing this to our attention.

The VIA Pioneers Speaker Series features, each month, a leading practitioner in character strengths. VIA is calling these individuals “pioneers” as they have been trailblazers and exemplars in strengths work from around the world in their respective fields of business, education, coaching, counseling, etc. The first speaker, Dr. Tayyab Rashid, is this Friday! Tayyab has been doing research and practice with character strengths for a number of years and co-created (with Martin Seligman) positive psychotherapy. For more information and to register for this free event, go to this link:

The first four months of this series will feature speakers on the theme of 1-on-1 helping relationships, that is, using VIA strengths in psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching. Here are the specific topics and dates:

Tayyab Rashid, PhD: VIA Strengths in Counseling and Psychotherapy; November 4th at 2:00PM (Eastern)

Robert Biswas-Diener, PhD: Advanced Issues in Using VIA Strengths; December 7th at noon (Eastern)

JANUARY Speaker:
Carol Kauffman, PhD: VIA Strengths in Executive Coaching and Coaching Supervision; January 17th at 3:00PM (Eastern)

Suzy Green, PhD: To be determined

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  • Priscilla Hone says:

    I would like information to register for free speaker series, but today found “link unavailable.” Please advise how to access the December speaker.

  • Frank says:

    THANKS Priscilla for your comment! We contacted Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, who kindly organised this wonderful event. We’ll update you as soon as we know which is the new link to use.

    On Wednesday, December 7 12:00 PM EST, Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener will talk about “Advanced Issues in Using VIA Strengths”. To reserve your place, you may also contact Kelly Aluise (

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