Facilitate your New Year Resolution implementation: get a life-coach to while you design, and keep, your meaningful new year resolution for 2012. Frank Ra offers Online Coaching and Vancouver Coaching sessions. Online coaching is conducted with one on one sessions through Skype. Coaching in Vancouver (Canada) is conducted with one on one sessions in our Yaletown office. This package is ideal to design, and keep, your new year resolution.

With the first session, you clarify and commit to your new year resolution. With the second session, you check your progress and challenges. The whole process is facilitated by using “A course in happiness” as your workbook.

Frank is a certified life-coach, experienced business coach, Dharma instructor, well-being facilitator. He has been coaching and working in eCommunication since late 1995. He has been creating awareness about AmAre as an inspirational, strategical, tactical, assessment and outreach tool to facilitate living a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. He is Italian, has spent most of his adult life in North America, England and Estonia, and traveling around the World. He settled in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Online Coaching
Each online coaching package includes:
– eBook “A course in happiness”
– 2 Skype sessions (45 min. each), hold at a mutually convenient time

Vancouver Coaching
Each online coaching package includes:
– eBook “A course in happiness”
– 2 sessions (45 min. each), hold at scheduled time at our Yaletown office


If you need to reschedule a meeting, please give at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise, the meeting will be considered used. If I need to reschedule a meeting, I will give you at least a 24 hours notice. Otherwise, you will get one additional meeting for free. This applies both to coaching packages booked through this page and the ones booked through other promotional channels.

Sessions start at the agreed time, sharp. If you need additional time to connect to Skype or to reach our office, please make the necessary arrangements. This ensures you start the session in a relaxed way, and it allows us to keep our scheduled times with other clients. Thanks.

This applies to coaching packages booked through this page. If you want to get a refund, we have a 100% refund guaranteed policy on unusued meetings, as long as you notify me at least 24 hours before the next meeting. The full eBook price will be deducted. Also, every meeting already attended will be charged at $99/session. No refund is possible on meetings you attended, or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice.

For coaching packages booked through other promotional channels, please refer to Terms and Conditions on your voucher.

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  • Hello,
    Our monthly publication for the 50+ in Southern Oregon includes a suggested reading list in each issue. Your book was proposed as a possibility for the list. If you are agreeable to a review of your book in our publication, would you be able to provide a high resolution image of the cover for the December issue? We would need it by November 20th. We would also include a description of the book – (80-100 words )which you can provide or we can obtain from a website. If you would like further information. please email or go to our website.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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