“New study shows humans are on auto pilot nearly half the time” says Dr. David Rock, who founded the NeuroLeadership Institute. Quoting from his article published on http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-brain-work/201011/new-study-shows-humans-are-auto-pilot-nearly-half-the-time?%24Version=1&%24Path=%2F

It turns out that just under half the time, 46.9% to be exact, people are doing what’s called ‘mind wandering’. They are not focused on the outside world or the task at hand, they are looking into their own thoughts. Unfortunately, the study of 2,250 people proposes, most of this activity doesn’t make us feel happy.

The study was designed to find out what kind of activities people did throughout a day, and which made them happiest. Mindwandering was just one of 22 possible activities people could list.

Researchers found that people were at their happiest when making love, exercising, or engaging in conversation. They were least happy when resting, working, or using a home computer.

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