The California Institute of Integral Studies is offering a Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program.

This year-long program features leaders in the research, practice, and applications of mindfulness and compassion to the field of psychotherapy.

The program has a unique emphasis on development of the internal state of the psychotherapist. It extends beyond ideas and skills acquisition to address the deeper issue of how a psychotherapist can utilize her or his own compassion and mindfulness to inspire clients, and to create a healing relationship that encourages the unfolding of the psyche at its most essential levels.

Mindfulness and compassion have been practiced in a number of contemplative traditions for more than 2000 years. Psychotherapy has recently discovered the power of these practices, which have been scrutinized by neuroscientific researchers and applied in a variety of creative ways that enhance psychological healing and deep intrapsychic unfolding. Mindfulness invites us to observe and connect with our internal experience without judgment. It is used in sensory-motor processing for the treatment of trauma, DBT for work with borderline and self-regulation issues, Hakomi mindfulness-based psychotherapy for psychodynamic exploration, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction, to name just a few contemporary applications.

Research has demonstrated that mindfulness can modulate anxiety and depression, and regulate emotional activation by reducing activity in the amygdale and increasing it in the prefrontal cortex. It can lower blood pressure and enhance the immune system, increase attention and focus, and help people with ADHD. Mindfulness literally changes how the brain functions.

Mindfulness can increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy by applying it technically and by using it to create an internal therapeutic presence that evokes the best and deepest changes in clients. The Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy (MCP) certificate program addresses both of these aspects of practice.

The program addresses not just an intellectual understanding of mindfulness, including standout research from the field of neuroscience, it also allows you to explore your soul. The program focuses on actual, immediately applicable skills, as well as your internal state as a therapist. Strengthening moment-to-moment awareness and compassion, developing therapeutic presence, empathy, deep listening, and compassion are central skills you build.

Students not only gain a solid academic foundation in the therapeutic applications of mindfulness and compassion, but experience the effects of these practices on their own lives and internal states. The program is unique in the way that it integrates theory and practice in a comprehensive curriculum built upon both scientific research and internal practices that have been refined over the last two thousand years and validated by numerous research studies.

This program has a threefold focus:
1. Internal development as a therapist using mindfulness and compassion exercises and practices
2. Knowledge of the most current applications of mindfulness to therapy practice
3. Skills development using these applications

The CIIS Public Programs & Performances Certificate in Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy brings together local and national leaders in the field to provide 150 hours of in-depth study of the core skills and applications related to the field. The certificate is intended for mental health practitioners who are interested in developing a deeper understanding and application of mindfulness and compassion in their professional practices.

Faculty at the Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy Certificate Program at California Institute of Integral Studies includes:
Rob Fisher, co-developer of the program and principal instructor
Philippe Goldin
Richard Heckler
Will Kabat-Zinn
Shai Lavie
Lee Lipp
Julie Murphy
Manuela Mischke Reeds
Lori Schwanbeck
Kenneth Bradford
Jennifer Berezan
Steven Tierney
Bob Stahl
Kelly Werner
Larry Yang

Weekend one-day workshop faculty will include:
Sylvia Boorstein
Eugene Cash
Philippe Goldin
Steven Hayes
Robert Rosenbaum
Dacher Keltner
Rick Hanson

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