Integral Cafe Vancouver on Wednesday, November 9th, 7:30-9:30pm at the Center for Peace (Fireside Room), 1825 W. 16th, will host four Salvadorans. Their visit to BC is primarily to share about a current project on community resilience and climate change adaptation. This evening will focus on how they are including the many diverse forms of resilience, particularly those that tend to be overlooked in mainstream development. Spirituality, for example, remains a primary source of resilience for many people and communities, yet remains fairly untapped.

These practitioners work with spiritual themes in ways that are truly profound, evolutionary, effective, and practical. In particular, they practice an embodied form of Lectio Divina with local people in rural communities. They will facilitate us through this practice at the evening session.

This skillful union of the spiritual and the secular is unusual and something we need more of on the planet today. In their approach, current issues like gender equality, climate change, and community resilience are seamlessly engaged with an integral approach to spirituality: embodied, evolutionary, and in relationship with the behaviours, cultures and systems arising in each moment.

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