Happiness Coach Bob Molavi says most people think they would be happy if fame and fortune came their way. But there is overwhelming evidence indicating that has not been the case.

“Research shows external events such as fame, fortune or power play a very limited role in attaining happiness; yet we spend so much energy on work, finances, and rushing to complete tasks that we miss out on the big picture. If we’re not mindful,” Molavi suggests, “it could deprive us of the real juice of life.”

The site offers visitors insights into how an individual can experience pure happiness. “What I offer is a holistic, effective approach to help you experience personal fulfillment,” Molavi said. The sessions are unique in that they focus less on standard questionnaires and profiling and more on inner transformation. This approach allows for a natural flow in exploring various options. Clients report feeling an inner peace in a relatively short period.

“You are immersed into contemplation mode where you can experience these ‘aha’ moments for yourself. It’s both unconventional and empowering,” Molavi said.

Molavi — who spent more than a decade researching psychology, spirituality, and creativity — has been featured on Deepak Chopra’s Wellworld site and on LA Talk Radio. Today he works with Individuals, groups and companies to help them discover a non-commercial approach to deeper meaning.

In an age when virtually every product sold is claiming to bring happiness, research points to just the opposite. “Inevitably, temporary pleasures wane, leaving us with even further discomfort,” Molavi said.

Contrary to popular thought, Molavi teaches that going deeper within doesn’t come from working harder or following someone else’s path, but instead places complete attention on one’s ‘soul’ purpose. “It’s the most important decision we can make,” Molavi said.

Molavi’s counseling sessions harmonize Western psychology and Eastern mysticism. Clients discover long term healing and transformation that go beyond immediate gratification and quick fixes. “Together we delve into this higher dimension from within, laying the foundation for mental and soulful purification, which is a state of pure happiness,” Molavi said.

Current studies show about half the population is simply “somewhat happy” with only 19 percent saying they are “very happy.” PureHappinessCoach.com aims to improve those statistics and presents a truly unique offering for those looking for a more satisfying, richer life.

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