Derrick Sweet, author and inspirator, is giving a new round of his “A Two-Day Transformation” seminars. If you want to enroll for this seminar, you can contact and we’ll show you how to enroll. Please, do not send any information other than your name, email and willingness to enroll. You will be provided a secure-form where you can add additional information.

As reported on his website, the Life Mastery Course is a two day intensive weekend, hosted by Derrick Sweet, and only offered six times a year; in Los Angeles, California, Manhattan, New York, and Toronto, Ontario. The course has been created to help people discover the secrets to unlock their full potential. Jam packed with innovative ideas to help you create a life that is aligned with your highest intentions, this program has already impacted thousands of people to live fuller, and richer lives!

This is a “workshop” so all participants who come have agreed to work on themselves and take part in a number of exercises that have been designed to help each individual recognize any and all negative influences in their lives and then create, develop and strengthen new beliefs, habits, and perspectives that set all participants on a course of no-limit living. Many of the concepts from The Life Mastery Course have been inspired from Derrick Sweet’s second book, Get the Most Out of Life, which has been endorsed by Best Selling Author, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

In Just 2 Days You Will Learn How To:

* Condition your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations and habits to become aligned with your true intentions!
* Free yourself from dis-empowering beliefs with Proven Transformational Techniques that get results!
* Realize, experience and develop the power of your Higher-Self!
* Awaken a new awareness that sees through fear!
* Deepen your connection to the present moment!
* Discover how to Turn Possibilities Into Realities!
* Develop Time Mastery and free yourself from procrastination!
* Deepen your concentration and focus on the right things!
* Make better decisions that lead to better places!
* Let go of anything that holds you back!
* Achieve any goal you can possibly imagine!
* And much more!

Your Investment Includes:


A Life Mastery Course (LMC) Study Guide

A Copy Of The Life Mastery Course CD

A One Year Subscription To The Life Mastery Course Continuing Education Program
* A One Year Membership In The Life Mastery Course Group Coaching Program

A 90% Discount On Additional Life Mastery Course Training Programs

A Certificate of Completion As A Life Mastery Course Graduate
* A Learning Experience That Will Transform Your Life!

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