Dead Sea moshavim include Ein Tamar (עֵין תָּמָר‎‎), Ein Hatzeva (עֵין חֲצֵבָה‎‎,), Neot HaKikar (נְאוֹת הַכִּכָּר‎‎) .

Ein-Tamar, belonging to Tamar regional council, lies in the northern Arava to the south of the
Dead Sea. Official website:

Ein Hatzeva is a moshav in the central Arava valley in Israel. Located south of the Dead Sea, it falls under the jurisdiction of Tamar Regional Council.

Neot HaKikar (Hebrew: נְאוֹת הַכִּכָּר‎‎) is a moshav in the northern Arabah valley in Israel. It is located south of the Dead Sea.

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