Dr. Daniel Siegel is a neuropsychiatrist, award-winning author and educator, and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute from Los Angeles, California. He will present in Vancouver on November 17 (9:00pm-4:00pm) a scientifically-grounded, revolutionary view of human development and a whole new approach to working with children and families.

Workshop participants will learn how to help children and youth develop an integrated brain, empathic relationships, and a healthy mind. By attending “Daniel Siegel: Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Children’s Developing Minds” you can:

Immerse yourself in the latest science underlying emotional and social intelligence.
Learn how our social connections continue to shape and re-shape our brains.

Hear Dr. Siegel’s synthesis of the emerging scientific research in the multi-disciplinary
field of interpersonal neurobiology, including the latest neuroscience.

Learn how neural integration leads to well-being — for your children, students,
clients, colleagues, and even yourself.

Daniel Siegel: Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Children’s Developing Minds

The daylong event includes short presentations by Dr. Siegel, interspersed with interactive exercises, and time for discussion with Dr. Siegel. This will be an immersive journey into the nature of your mind, your relationships, and your brain. Designed to be an engaging experience for all involved, we’ll learn together by diving deeply into accessible applications of science, practical steps to help improve health, and an integrated approach so that your mind will be prepared to enhance well-being in your personal, family, and professional lives.

This workshop is for anyone who works with or is concerned about children’s social and emotional development, including professionals, parents, policy makers and the general public.

For more information, please visit: http://dalailamacenter.org/

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