We received this from The Making Australia Happy team through Facebook, and gladly share it here:

Australia is getting happier.
Since “Making Australia Happy” began broadcasting, over 28,000 Australians have registered on our website makingaustraliahappy.abc.net.au and signed on to our “Get Happy” programme. They’ve been writing their own eulogies, doing acts of kindness, appreciating three good things in their lives every day, practicing mindfulness, and exploring forgiveness.

The results are already starting to show – since we began this national experiment, the overall Happiness 100 score of Australia has risen by over 5%. But we want to see it climb even higher.

Next Monday 29th at 8.30pm, the final part of “Making Australia Happy” is being broadcast on ABC1. Be sure to tune in to see a remarkable finale. In the next week, we would encourage everyone to put what they’ve learnt into practice and retest themselves. Then, after watching episode three, do the happiness test again.

Over the next few weeks, we hope to see Australia’s happiness score soar. So keep returning to the website and redo the test to check your progress.

And please encourage your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to sign up to the website, test their happiness, and join us here on Facebook. The episodes are available on ABC iView for two weeks after broadcast, and the DVD of the whole series can be pre-ordered online now from the ABC shop.

The Get Happy programme will continue to be available online, so we hope you will all use the resources available on our website makingaustraliahappy.abc.net.au and keep making Australia happy.

Thank you,

The Making Australia Happy team

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