Inevitable Grace: Breakthroughs in the Lives of Great Men and Women by Piero Ferrucci was published back in 1991. And it is now more relevant than ever.

Piero Ferrucci is a psychotherapist and a philosopher, who was trained by Roberto Assagioli, the founder of psychosynthesis. Ferrucci is the nephew of Aldous Huxley and Laura Huxley.

In Inevitable grace, Ferrucci examines hundreds of well-known people, including Einstein, Schweitzer, Thoreau, Monet, Isadora Duncan, Maria Montessori, Jacob Boehme, etc. He offers us glimpses into the workings of creativity, inspiration and spiritual growth.

Piero Ferrucci also wrote:
What We May Be: The Vision and Techniques of Psychosynthesis (1982, ISBN 9780874771923)

What Our Children Teach Us (1997, ISBN 9788804432234)

The Power of Kindness (2007, ISBN 9781585425884)

Beauty and the Soul (2010, ISBN 9781585428335)

The Child of Your Dreams (1992, ISBN 9780892813650) co-authored with Laura Huxley

The Human Situation (1977, ISBN 9780060120917), editing lectures by Aldous Huxley

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