We are excited to share with you the news that we are almost ready to publish our AmAre book about happiness and meaning. But, for people who are visiting the site for the first time, let’s proceed in order! AmAre is an Italian word, a framework for happiness, a blog and a book which will be released during the first week of December.

AmAre, in Italian, means “to love”; in English, interconnectedness: (I)Am (we) are. As a framework for happiness, AmAre stands for being:
* A – Aware and Accepting
* M – Meaningful and Motivated
* A – Active and Attentive
* R – Resilient and Respectful
* E – Eating properly and Exercising

As a blog, you are already in the right place to find daily inspirational quotes and a review of the latest scientific research, experiences and stories in the fields of happiness, meaning and well-being, plus free eBooks, including “Happy Dad, unhappy Dad”, “Happiness formulas”, and “Zen: from China to Internet”.

As an upcoming book, AmAre is an introduction about how to understand, assess, and improve our subjective well-being, by building on strenghts and leveraging on what Dharma, science and spirituality show us about living an happy and meaningful life. Register for our newsletter to receive monthly updates about what matters in life!

Happiness, meaning and purpose book

Happiness, meaning and purpose book

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