In “Fostering Sustainable BehaviorFostering Sustainable Behavior“, Doug McKenzie-Mohr discuss how to create a sustainable future, starting with changing our own actions, and then encouraginf those around us to change theirs. If one individual recycles his plastic containers, the impact is minimal. But if an entire community recycles, enormous amounts of resources are saved.

How then do we go about transforming people’s good intentions into action? Fostering Sustainable Behavior explains how the field of community-based social marketing has emerged as an effective tool for encouraging positive social change. This completely revised and updated third edition contains a wealth of new research, behavior change tools, and case studies, so we can learn how to:

– target unsustainable behaviors, and identify the barriers to change
– understand various commitment strategies
– communicate effective messages
– enhance motivation and invite participation.

The strategies introduced in this ground-breaking manual are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in promoting sustainable behavior, including environmental conservation, recycling and waste reduction, water and energy efficiency and alternative transportation.

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