What do Estonia, Mauritius, Canada and Australia have in common? They are the top four countries in the World for air quality. They rank even better than Bhutan.

From the Vancouversun:

A new World Health Organization database on air quality places Canada as one of the world’s top nations when it comes to clean air […]. The international public health authority on Monday launched its first Air Quality database, which covers almost 1,100 cities in 91 countries, revealing the world’s hot spots for air pollution as well as regions with the highest health burden due to poor air quality[…].


Includes the year of the last sample, followed by the number of micrograms of particulate matter at least 10 micrometres in size, per cubic metre of air.

Estonia 2008 11

Mauritius 2009 12

Canada 2008 13

Australia 2009 13

Ireland 2008 15

Bhutan 2006 18

Luxembourg 2008 18

Monaco 2008 18

United States 2008 18

Finland 2008 19

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