Zen: from China to cyberspace

September 14, 2010

Zen – from China to cyberspace” is our free ebook which discusses why Dharma is now more relevant than ever.

This essay discuss how Chan flourished out of the Dhyana tradition. How it came from China, moved to Korea, Japan, spread to the West, including USA, Europe and Australia. And then on new media like Internet. The author believes that the straightforward and non-hierarchic approach of Zen made it an appropriate answer to the needs of millions of people along the centuries, and this is especially true here and now.

After seeing how Seon spread so far, we then discuss practical ways of making it even more accessible in the cyberspace, with potential and limits of new media. Chan, Seon and Zen stand for similar Dharma schools, respectively in China, Korea and Japan. Zen became a house-hold name, because Japanese Zen masters played an important role in spreading awareness about it, that is why Zen has been used as title for this booklet.

We will also be publishing, every other day, one chapter from this research. Enjoy and,  as usual, your comments are welcome!

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