How are the Children of 9 11 coping with the tragedy?

The Children of 9 11

The Children of 9 11

Lauren and Briana Grazioso
As reported on Yahoo! News by Meagan Morris (freelance multimedia journalist who can be followed on Twitter @upsidemeagan) Lauren and Briana Grazioso frantically emailed their father from their home in Gulf Stream, Fla. on Sept. 11, 2001. Tim Grazioso worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in the north tower of the World Trade Center during the week.

“Daddy, if you’re not alive, please let me see you again so I can hug you and kiss you. I’m so sorry for saying anything mean to you any time in my whole life,” the girls wrote in one email.

The twins are now college graduates and hope to join their father’s company.

“Think of how wonderful that compliment is to Cantor Fitzgerald, that they say to you: ‘We wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.’ That is just the nicest thing,” Howard Lutnick, chairman and chief executive of Cantor, told the U.K. Daily Telegraph.

Robert Mathai: Children of 9 11
Robert Mathai was 8 when his father died in the World Trade Center attack. The weight of his father’s death didn’t sink in for months; he reasoned that his father was on an extended business trip.

“I remember thinking he was in the hospital or maybe he was a spy,” Mathai told the Boston Herald in 2009. He keeps a box of mementos that tell the story of his father’s life.

“I keep it for them so they can read and understand when they get to the point of wanting to know more,” Mathai’s mother said.

Gabriel Jacobs Dick: Children of 9 11
Gabriel Jacobs Dick was born after his father, Ariel Jacobs, died in the World Trade Center. His mother, Jenna Jacobs-Dick, remarried five years later, but his father isn’t forgotten.

“Gabby has two [dads],” Jacobs-Dick said in 2006. “One of them is here and one of them isn’t. But they’re both important in their own very different ways.”

The 9-year-old remembers his father in only the way he knows how: through balloons. He releases a balloon to the heavens each year on the anniversary of his death to “give him an update on how life is going,” he told People. “Mostly it’s like, ‘I miss you.'”

9/11 Babies: Children Who Lost Fathers Think Back
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