PsyInsight is a magazine published by the International Association of Health, Research and Welfare. In the words of PsyInsight editor Sunil Saini: “The aim of the PsyInsight is to promote psychological health and well-being, addressing various health issues, tools for assessment, list of current books and journals relevant to the monthly theme of the magazine. The PsyInsight is dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of psychology in India and to make psychology inclusive. […]

Although we have been proud of our rich traditional values, beliefs, and culture, our faith in character strength, to give and forgive, family connectedness, compassion, notion of vasudhaiva kutumbakam, positive discipline, spirituality, etc., but it is extremely worrisome that today’s generation is unaware of their inner strength, and losing these virtues. Hence, the urgent need of the hour is to revive these positive elements in everyday life. The current issue of PsyInsight is an attempt in this regard. We believe that research community in psychology will benefit from the latest information provided in the monthly theme of the psychology topic of PsyInsight. We are committed to this venture and the enthusiasm of editorial team and authors from national and international research community indicates that many others share our commitment.”

PsyInsight has already receveid important endorsements, including the one of Prof. Martin, E.P. Seligman: “I send my greetings to all of you attending the first Positive Psychology conference in India, and my best wishes to IAHRW and PsyInsight. It is especially gratifying for me to welcome you to the study of Flourishing because I believe India will play a special role.””.

In the words of PsyInsight team member Sugandh Gupta: “Being a part of IAHRW is invaluable. It is a great source of learning and has provided ma an opportunity to carve my own niche in the field of psychology and explore zillion of opportunities. I am proud to be associated with such a fast-paced association.” We are a group of researchers, senior faculty members, psychologists, health practitioners and students, who have launched an International Association of Health, Research and Welfare (IAHRW). Our goals are to promote quality and speedy indigence and cross-cultural researches, educational opportunities and to offer an encouraging atmosphere for connecting students to other students and professionals across disciplines interested in Psychology so as to kindle future inter-disciplinary alliance. We also aim at organizing national and international seminars, workshops, career growth opportunities, and social networking so as to build a platform for communication, learning and growth. The association wishes to achieve its aims and objectives through the launch of a website (under construction), monthly Magazine PsyInsight; and journals. The journals in progression are Indian Journal of Positive Psychology, Indian Journal of Behavioral Sciences and Psychometric Journal. The Journal of Positive Psychology will be released in succession with the theme of PsyInsight.

Membership to the International Association of Health, Research and Welfare ensures access to:
– Monthly magazine PsyInsight
– Research journals
– Detailed information on 100 research topics in psychology
– Tools of assessment
– List of Journals on each topic
– List of Books on each topic
– Research guidance
– Research database
– Educational collaboration for cross-cultural researches
– National surveys on community and various health issues
– National and International seminar/workshops
– Carrier guidance
– Information about various competitive exams in India and abroad
– National index on health issues like HIV/AIDS, CHD, Cancer, Crime, etc.
– Website (experts for consultancy for various health issues and research)

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  • Naman says:

    I am greatly impressed with the kind of activities PsyInsight is doing. I wish all of you a great success.

    Cheers friends


  • Frank says:

    Dear Naman,

    yes, PsyInsight team started with the right attitude and great results! All the best to you and them

  • Thomasine Reimund says:

    Thanks for putting this up here.

    I’ve been learning more about meditation and hypnosis recently. Both seem like good ways to achieve enlightenment and personal development.

  • krishna prasad gogoi says:

    I am very much happy to learn about it. I wish all the best.

  • ANIL KUMAR says:


  • MUKESH SAINI says:

    HI ALL,



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