Master Thich Nhat Hanh: holding a peaceful mind in our hectic lives. Thich Nhat Hanh offers his Dharma talk on how to connect the Buddha¡¯s teachings to our Modern lives, and to find peace and happiness in our everyday lives.

Episode 15: The Basic Teachings of the Buddha
Episode 14: Meaning of True Nature
Episode 13: The Gates of Escape
Episode 12: Question and Answer Session 2
Episode 11: Question and Answer Session 1
Episode 10: The Wisdom of Discernment
Episode 9: The Importance of the Accumulation of Karma
Episode 8: Watering the Positive Seeds
Episode 7: Plum Village
Episode 6: History of Engaged Buddhism
Episode 5: Conditions of Enlightenment
Episode 4: The Truth regarding the Laws of Cause and Effect
Episode 3: Practicing with a Sangha
Episode 2: Receiving Happiness from the Teachings of the Buddha
Episode 1: Definition of Engaged Buddhism

More videos can be found on: BTN WORLD is the world’s first non-sectarian international Buddhist TV channel where all diverse communities from all different world traditions could turn to for various Buddhist contents. BTN WORLD will not just be a Buddhist TV network, but to become a cross cultural bridge between all adherents of the Buddha Dharma all over the world.

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