As reported on this year is the first time a comprehensive and unique international conference on complementary and integrative medicine takes place.

The conference is designed to bring together the professionals, teachers and therapists in the various fields of alternative medicine like traditional medicines and medicinal plants, touch and movement therapies, mind-body approaches, modern spiritual and energetic treatments together with conventional medicine cumulative knowledge to create integrated medicine.

We, the heads of the professional associations in complementary health professions in Israel, invite you to this special meeting, to enrich each other with the cumulative knowledge from all of our clinics, researches, and philosophical diversity, each acquired throughout his career, worldwide.

The conference hosts workshops and lecturers from leading professionals from many countries which come to share knowledge and create a modern dialogue between the various worlds of medicine to create unity and harmony in medical treatment between conventional and complementary approaches. The task of promoting the message of integrative medicine is common to all associations in complementary medicine everywhere, and this conference is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to fulfill this task.

We look forward to meeting you in the conference, and get to know each other on a personal level, to strengthen ties between our associations in the various countries and promote the burning issues common to us all – the integration of alternative medicine in medical institutions, regulation of complementary professions in different countries, promoting research and its application by government health systems, developing the training, and enriching mutual knowledge accumulated in these areas and others between associations in different countries.

The main professional issues in the conference will be the following:

– Oncology

– Medicinal plants

– Dealing with chronic pain from different directions

– Preventive medicine and supportive medicine

– Integrative models in divisions of the medical establishment

– Laughter and humor

– From childhood to fertility – complementary medical techniques in gynecology

– Homeopathy

– Professional ethics

– Special lectures, surveys and workshops

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